We want to address concerns brought to our attention surrounding an exhibition that we organized at the Brand Library and Arts Center.  About one year ago the Brand did an open call for submissions for exhibitions.  In response we submitted a proposal to do a group exhibition of artists that work or live in Glendale, CA. We proposed calling it Vision Valley: The Glendale Biennial. Shortly before the exhibition opened we were contacted by a local artist who took issue with the name and the fact that the artists included in the show did not reflect Glendale’s Armenian population. That person asked us to remove the word “biennial” from the exhibition, or change the scope of the show. Shortly before the show opened, The Brand told us that a representative from the city of Glendale also expressed concern for the same reasons.  In response, we decided to remove the words “Glendale" and "Biennial” from the exhibition title and changed the press release.  The Brand re-printed all materials associated with the exhibition in an attempt to make the situation right. To be clear, the exhibition was never a real “biennial” and was never going to be a reoccurring exhibition. We realize now that the use of those words and continued use of the hashtag was misguided. We realize that though our intentions were not to do so, we have divided and angered many people. We take the concerns expressed by our community seriously and we apologize to all those we have offended. The Pit has always tried to be inclusive and open, we see here where we have made a mistake. We will do better in the future.


Adam D. Miller & Devon Oder

The Pit