March 12 - April 23

Forest on the Edge of Time

Brian Calvin, Nick Lowe, Nikki Maloof, Laurie Nye, Jennifer Rochlin, Bruce M. Sherman

The Pit II

“We are standing on the edge

On the edge of time

Over poisoned crystal deserts

Where the ruined towers shout

We climb obsidian mountains

We march towards our dying scarlet sun”


 - Excerpt from Hawkwind’s “Warrior on the Edge of Time”

The Pit is pleased to announce “Forest on the Edge of Time” the first group show organized in our secondary gallery The Pit II.  The exhibition will be on view and open to the public March 12 to April 23, 2017 with an opening reception on Sunday March 12 from 4-7pm.

The exhibition takes it’s title from Marge Piercy’s feminist Sci-Fi novel “Woman on the Edge of Time” from 1976.  The book, like the exhibition explores place, time, and relevance. The exhibition brings together a group of artists working in a variety of media such as painting, ceramic, and drawing, dedicated to craft in order to create fantasized, at times psychedelic figurative works with a perspective leaning toward nature and landscape.