June 12, 2016 - July 24, 2016

Amanda Ross-Ho

Eternal Flame

The Pit is pleased to announce Eternal Flame, a solo exhibition by LA based artist Amanda Ross-Ho.  Eternal Flame will open with a public reception on Sunday, June 12, 2016 from 4-7 pm.  Exhibition will be on view until July 24.

f@#K... just had baby just sunk 4000 into this car not mention the 2000 to buy the car and 500 in body work to get on the road.... now 5 days after purchase engine light is on for good.. no problem still zippy lil car and working perfect until 4 months very minimal back and forth driving notlong distances overall ... now sputtters and almost dies around turn take about40 seconds just to get up to 35km/h ....... scary when trying to get thru round abouts and to hospital to see my son i went dealerships one said misfirebegged em to hook up to comuter main guy comes out asks whos hyundia out fronnt i say mie he said move it now ... and had to leave appearntly a chev dealership cant even help a person out like sorry ur the closest auto shop figured have up to date mechanics and equipment that could multi read different models as most b and c gradde shops would have a reader that could identify atleast problem maybe not fix but atleast an idea .. ,,other said coil other said try this sh*t in ur gas tank .. none could hook a computer up before my time was due back at hospitalso had pur sh*t in gas tank and hope for best no my baby momma is drivin to hospital so i can try get some answers as we do not have really another 1000 for this car engine light constantly constantly FLASHING REPEDEATITIVLY !! sorry misspellling so upset worried n no answers elsewere!! AHHH i cant afford all this we just had kid worsdt possible time for car to go kaputs.....and b stranded and not able to get there every few hours ..such complicated stiutaton i wanna cry ....

Ross-Ho and the Pit have also produced a limited edition black light poster to coincide with Eternal Flame, which will be available for purchase at the opening, and our online shop thereafter. 

Please direct all inquiries to info@the-pit.la