The Pit is pleased to present a special screening of Secret Eater, a new horror art film co-directed by Shaun Johnson and Jensen Rule Tierra.  The screening will begin at 8pm in a newly renovated gallery space behind The Pit on Friday June 23rd.  It is a short film and will be projected on a loop until 9pm.  Please join us for the screening and directors reception.

The new alley exhibition space has been leased to another gallery that will open in September. Until then The Pit is using it for special events over the summer.

"Secret eater" describes a person who consumes large quantities of food in solitude, away from the judgmental gaze of others. We live in a culture that encourages indulgence, yet there is a pervasive sense of shame in the act of over eating. The film, Secret Eater, inverts secret eating as an act of auto-cannibalism.

Secret Eater is an "art horror" film. Shot on an iPhone SE.  It is a hybrid of experimental art-house and camp horror monster movie.


Directors: Jensen Rule Tierra + Shaun Johnson

Director of Photography: Jensen Rule Tierra

Starring/Screenplay/Editing/Special Effects: Shaun Johnson

Music & Sound Effects: Geneva Skeen

Assistant Camera/Lighting: Michele Prymicz