Rows Arc
Record Release for High On The Tide
Friday, April 19 
Doors at 8 pm, Show at 9 pm
DJ set by John Herndon at 8:15pm

After years spent silencing the sonic skeletons in her closet, multidisciplinary artist Sarah Olmsted has finally unveiled, High On The Tide, her first foray into music as the bandleader of Rows Arc. Alongside Jason Gagovski (Sweet Cobra), and Neeraj Kane (Hope Conspiracy), Rows Arc’s debut album, High On The Tide, infuses Laurel Canyon folk melodies with semiprecious synths and ornate percussion.

High On The Tide’s eleven tracks are not unlike a long drive down a dark road—the universe that lies ahead unwraps itself one breathless moment at a time. Commanded by Olmsted’s captivating alto, the album’s eleven tracks are pocked with Cat Power-esque pops and hisses, Laurel Canyon imagery, and Low-leaning snare fills.

Recorded and mixed by Allen Epely and Eric Abert of The Life and Times, High On The Tide balances bone bearing folk melodies with the blunt sincerity of punk and hardcore. Colored by both time and place, High On The Tide is a triumph of world building, where syllables are stretched into symphonies and melodies are stronger than bone.

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