Erik Frydenborg

b. Miami, FL

Lives in Los Angeles, CA




2005    MFA, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

1999    BFA, Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, MD


Solo Exhibitions


2017    Gated Snare, The Pit, Los Angeles, CA 

2015    An Erik Frydenborg Omnibus, The Pit II, Los Angeles, CA

        Nebula Winners, Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Chicago, IL

2014    Full Color Bachelor, Albert Baronian, Brussels, BE

2012    Art 43 Basel: Statements, Cherry and Martin, Basel, CH

2011    Dr. (illegible), Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles, CA

        Erik Frydenborg, The Suburban, Oak Park, IL

2010    “DISTANTS” by THE DISTANTS, Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles, CA 

2009    Protein Recital, Bonelli Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA

2005    Graduate Thesis Exhibition, USC Roski Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2004    Pathofamiliar, F-Space, Los Angeles, CA

2002    Careless Whispers, Mission Space, Baltimore, MD


Group Exhibitions


2018    Skip Tracer, M. LeBlanc, Chicago, IL

2017    Crystal Flowers: LA Rose, Index, Los Angeles, CA

        Knowledges, Mount Wilson Observatory, Los Angeles, CA

        A Mere Sum of Parts, curated by Sydney Croskery, Charlie James Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2016    Re-Planetizer, curated by The Pit, Regina Rex, New York, NY            

        Trauma Sauna, ASHES/ASHES, Los Angeles, CA

        We Like Explosions, The Pit, Los Angeles, CA

        Roman à Clef And/Or The Appetite Of The Chef (Part 2), Rainbow In Spanish, Los Angeles, CA

        PDF-OBJECTS, Mana Contemporary, Chicago, IL

        MIKE! MIKE!, DXIX Projects, Venice, CA

        Roman à Clef And/Or The Appetite Of The Chef, Rainbow In Spanish, Los Angeles, CA

        Group Show, Albert Baronian, Brussels, BE

2015    Bloody Red Sun of Fantastic LA, PIASA, Paris, FR

        The Suburban Milwaukee: 16 Years, Mount Airy Contemporary, Philadelphia, PA 

        Public Utility, New Capital, Chicago, IL 

        All The Instruments Agree, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA 

        Monday Me, curated by Kristen VanDeventer, Drag City, Chicago, IL 

        Full House, Shanaynay, Paris, FR

        BAD BOYS BAIL BONDS ADOPT A HIGHWAY, curated by Amanda Ross-Ho, Team, New York, NY

        Behold! The Blob, Richard Heller Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

        Any Human Measure, M+B, Los Angeles, CA

2014    A Soft Almond Of A Poetic, curated by Mateo Tannatt, Three Days Awake, Los Angeles, CA

        Trains, curated by Sterling Ruby, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

        Another Cats Show, 356 Mission Rd, Los Angeles, CA

        Louie Louie, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA

        Extra Curriculum, Komplot, Brussels, BE

        Inaugural Group Exhibition, Loudhailer Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2013    The Stand In (Or A Glass of Milk), Public Fiction, Los Angeles, CA

        CULM, curated by Sayre Gomez and JPW3, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

        More Young Americans, L’Enclos des Bernardins, Hotel de Miramion, Paris, FR

        Set Pieces, Cardi Black Box, Milan, IT


2012    Make Hay, David Petersen Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

        Robert Overby/Erik Frydenborg/John Henderson/Noam Rappaport,Cherry and Martin, Los              Angeles, CA

2011    Touchy Feely, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA

        Group Show, Las Cienegas Projects, Los Angeles, CA

        On Forgery: Is One Thing Better Than Another?, LA><ART, Los Angeles, CA

2010    They Have Not the Art to Argue with Pictures, Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles, CA

        California Dreamin’, Portugal Arte, Lisbon, PRT

        In The Eyes of Lions, 533 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2009    Bellows and Whispers, Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles, CA

        If Night Is A Weed And Day Grows Less, Howard House, Seattle, WA

2008    Delusionarium IV, Bonelli Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA

        Kleveland, Bonelli Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA

2007    Night Light, Slab Projects, Los Angeles, CA

        Post-Rose: Artists In and Out of the Hazard Park Complex, Galerie Christian Nagel,              Lempertz, Berlin, DK

2006    On the Road Again: Beat Culture, Bush Era, Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, CA

        Chain Letter, High Energy Constructs, Los Angeles, CA

        Many Many Guys and Girls, All Real Beauties, Circus of Books, Los Angeles, CA

        New Drawings, Hayworth Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

        Drawing & Drawn, Cerritos College Art Gallery, Norwalk, CA

2005    State of Emergence: LA Weekly Biennial, Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

        Graduate Fine Arts Building Grand Opening, USC Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

        Greater LA MFA, CSULB Gallery, Long Beach, CA

        Hella Chihuahuas, CAEP/ Platform China, Beijing, China

        Supersonic 2005, LA Design Center, Los Angeles, CA

        Inaugural Exhibition, F2 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2004    Faith, Champion Fine Art (#11), Los Angeles, CA

    Dark Side of the Sun, UCLA Wight Gallery, Los Angeles, CA




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Published Writing


Amanda Ross-Ho, “Objects,” Wood Kusaka Studios, Los Angeles, CA, 2014 (monographic essay)

Ernest Gibson, “Island Records”, Skrot Up, SUT91, Denmark, 2013 (liner notes)

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Curatorial Projects


2017    AWHRHWAR, Los Angeles, CA (cooperative gallery w/ Nick Kramer, Sarah Conaway, Aline             Cautis)

2017    Parallel City, organized by Nick Kramer and Erik Frydenborg, Ms. Barbers, Los                 Angeles, CA