Keith Boadwee

Atelier 34 Zero Museum

6/24/17 - 8/31/17

Atelier 34zero Muzeum presents the work of contemporary, American artist Keith Boadwee (born in Meridian, Mississippi, 1961, lives and works in Emeryville, California).
This work is both serious and humorous. Serious when it questions the canons of Western painting, and confronts conceptual art and performance, or when it enters into dialogue with Otto Muehl's Viennese actionism or Jackson Pollock's action painting and abstract expressionism. Humorous when Boadwee subverts and makes fun of this dominant hierarchy through a queer lens and with a razor sharp wit.

The exhibition follows an artist’s residency at the Atelier 34zero Muzeum and highlights the key role occupied by the body in the multidisciplinary practice of Keith Boadwee. Indeed, through the use of his own body in his works, the artist explores his fascination not only with the body but also with sex and the abject. By doing so, he questions notions of good taste and convenience and challenges the dominant, heteronormative paradigm. This bodily exploration is illustrated to great effect with the new "enema-paintings" of poppies which were realized during Boadwee’s residency at the atelier. The public will also discover a selection of his earlier works: photographs, films, drawings and collages, some of which have never been exhibited before.